Bitcoin Dice Affiliate

While promotions are nothing new to the world of online gambling, the notion of them being too convoluted to the point of being unbeneficial to their target market is just as ubiquitous.

However, there are still a few online casinos/gambling facilitators that provide promotional offers which are not just far from being a gimmick, but which remain simple enough to understand by even those users who know nothing about the world of online gambling.

One of such online casinos is BetKing, a popular online gambling platform that is known for its loyal user base, transparency, and now its competitive affiliate program.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work at BetKing?

We at BetKing believe in not just growing its operations by our self, but letting our loyal community benefit from any ongoing positive opportunities that they could avail easily.

That is why, we offer a simple yet high-yielding Affiliate program, in which BetKing users can refer new players to the platform and start earning 40% commission from the net profit that they generate on the site.

That is correct. 40%.

There is no fee to participate in the Affiliate program and all that users have to do to avail the offer is to start referring new players to BetKing’s website.

The commission percentage is also generated transparently and without charging the user for any additional processing fees. The 40% commission stays the same throughout the first 3 months of a player’s referral on the site, and then changes to a tier-based structure where affiliates can get 40% commission for referrals generating a net profit of equal to or more than 3 Bitcoins, and 30% in case the referred players generated a net profit of under 3 Bitcoins.

The net profit mechanism is also easy to understand since it is simply the amount that a referred player has generated for BetKing minus the operational costs and any wins by them.

This limpidity of the whole process is one of the best parts of this affiliate program, but it does not end there.

While other websites use outdated methods to track referrals, such as the usage of coupon codes that referred users have to enter manually on the site, BetKing utilizes error-proof referral links that users can provide to their referred players. This ensures that any referred player’s forgetfulness of not entering a referral code or other information through the platform does not hurt the respective affiliate.

It does not only make sure that a referrer gets the returns that they deserve without any loophole but also cuts back from the processing time of the new user. This way they can spend more time enjoying the games and services on the site and less time worrying about the registration process just because they got referred to the site and did not directly log on to it.

There is also no limit to the maximum number of new players that an affiliate can refer to the platform, nor is there a limit for a maximum amount. While a threshold of $50 is to be met by each referred player’s net profit for the referring user to get their affiliate payout, there are no limits to how high the user can earn through the Affiliate program alone.

To help recruit new users to the platform, BetKing also provides its users with the relevant promotional material such as banners and tried and tested tools that highlight its much-respected features such as provably fair gaming.

How Can I Participate In the Affiliate Program?

To participate in the affiliate program, all that you have to do is to submit a simple form to us at BetKing, after which we will review your application and get back to you accordingly.

While not every affiliate application is accepted for participation, respective teams at the site ensure to go through each submission in order to make sure that the time which a user invested in it remains appreciated and respected.

The form can be accessed by clicking here. ​