Are you a high roller, looking to get more for your money? Are you interested in joining our exclusive VIP poker rooms to be in with the chance of winning huge jackpots and prizes? Then you’re in the right place.

Here at BetKing, we’re offering a unique opportunity for our VIP players to enjoy game play with no bots, no collusion, few professional poker players and no seat scripting, which is found far too frequently on a number of other poker sites across the web. We value providing our players with a secure, safe and fair experience with every game they play, and being VIP will allow you to not only obtain access to the best games, but also ensures that your gameplay experience is seamless.


How To Become A VIP At BetKing

There are a number of ways in which you can become a VIP with BetKing. Firstly, you may be invited to be a VIP, as we scout our players to ensure our VIP rooms cater for the best of the best. Alternatively, if you believe yourself to be in this category, then you can request access to our VIP rooms by getting in touch with a member of our team. We’ll run your profile through strict criteria in order to ensure you’re the ideal match for our poker rooms.

Another way for you to gain access to our exclusive VIP membership options, is through your gameplay on our exciting Bitcoin dice game. Depending on how much you’ve wagered with us, and your loyalty, you may be rewarded with VIP status.

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The Benefits Of Being A VIP At BetKing

As a VIP at BetKing, you can enjoy your gaming experience without having to deal with seat scripting or ‘sharks’. On a huge number of other online poker sites, we have noticed that a broad number of games (particularly the high stakes) will condone predatory behaviour, helping professionals to implement seating scripts in order to auto-sit them at a table after monitoring certain players’ behaviour, in an attempt to win the jackpot easily.

At BetKing, we block all seat scripting software on our site in order to ensure a fair gambling experience at all times. We also restrict our VIP access through our invite-only system to ensure only serious gamblers who are looking to play poker properly are able to enjoy our games.

Can I Still Play Poker Without Being A VIP?

At BetKing, we pride ourselves on being inclusive to all players, and while we offer our VIP poker rooms, our low-limit tables are accessible to all players. Find out more about our poker games here.

Next steps? Keep playing on our site, and we may invite you to join our exclusive VIP poker rooms. Alternatively, get in touch to request access by following this link.

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