Provably Fair Gambling

At BetKing, we understand the importance of a fair and secure gaming experience. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our dice game is provably fair, which guarantees that all of the results of our games are left untouched and are projected solely as a result of the gaming software. Alongside our claim of provably fair gambling provided on our site, we ensure that each of our games’ seeds can be seen by our players where requested.

What Is Provably Fair?

There are a number of implementations when it comes to provably fair casino games, however the most common from which the Dice Game’s roll-result is calculated is the following:

Server Seed – This is provided by our site, and consists of a randomly generated string of characters.

Client Seed – This is provided by the browser and is adjusted by the player. This can be generated by you prior to your roll on our dice game. When you bet on a provably fair gambling site, your client seed is supplied to us. Then we take the server seed, client seed and the number of rolls and take a HMACSHA512 hash from this. Then, the first 5 characters of the hash are converted to decimal, which is how your roll is calculated.

Nonce – This is a number, which will gradually increase with each bet that is placed.

Prior to gambling, players can receive an encrypted hash of the server seed, and as a result of the player being able to see this in advance of the game, the site is not able to change this without being detected.

In order to verify all of your bets with BetKing, you are able to use a provably fair casino verifier. This will allow you to determine that our casino is provably fair, without having to work out the math yourself. The verifier can be found here: