Segwit2X Hard Fork

In November there is the possibility of a contentious hard fork of the Bitcoin network due to an agreement between some Bitcoin service providers including Coinbase, Xapo and BitPay.

This hard fork is not supported by the vast majority of the Bitcoin community and using any of the above services, and others on this list, could result in your Bitcoin being lost and replaced by an altcoin.

We recommend that you withdraw your Bitcoin as soon as possible before the hardfork date to your own wallet, e.g. Core or Trezor.

What happens to my Bitcoin on BetKing?

If there is a hard fork then we may stop deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin before and for some time after the hard fork. If you have Bitcoin on BetKing during this time we will credit your balance with SegWit2X that you can withdraw once regular Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal functionality is safe to resume.

You will not be able to deposit or play with SegWit2x coins.

BetKing will not support Segwit2x or any other altcoin that is created as an attack on the Bitcoin network.