How To Choose The Right Cryptocurrency For You

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How To Choose The Right Cryptocurrency For You quiz!

Our quiz will match your personality, based on your answers to our questions, with the cryptocurrency you should be using.

Internet For Everyone A
Driverless Cars B
Brainwaves As A Computer Password C
I’m Not Interested In Future Technology D
WhatsApp A
Facebook B
Twitter C
Instagram D
Doc Martens A
Brogues B
Converse C
Army Boots D
Play At An Online Casino A
Sit In, Watch TV & Relax B
Head On A Wild Night Out C
Have A Few Drinks With Your Friends But Call It A Night Early D
I’m An Expert A
A Fair Amount B
Very Little C
Nothing At All D
iPhone A
Android B
Windows C
Cryptophone D
Bank Account A
Cryptocurrency Exchange B
eWallet C
Keep Your Cash Stored Under Your Mattress D
I’m Full Of Positive Energy A
I Avoid It Where Possible B
It Makes Me Take Risks C
I Tend To Crumble D
Spring A
Summer B
Autumn C
Winter D
Red A
Blue B
Yellow C
Green D

You prefer to be safe as opposed to taking substantial risks when you don’t need to. You prefer to HODL instead of trade your funds and you always like to stick to what you know. You’re very black & white, and love to get in on the big money – because who needs risk when you can enjoy success comfortably?

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You’re a little more inclined to try out new technology, and you’ve dabbled in the DApp ecosystem (or at least thought about it). You like to play it safe but get a thrill out of taking risks where necessary. You’re like the Android of phones – user-friendly but easy to mould to exactly what you want.

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You’re full of fun and excitement, and you’re always looking to try something new. You’re always scrutinising the way things are currently in the hopes that you can find something even better. You’re a true risk taker and recognise that failure is simply a stepping stone to success.

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You’re looking to truly disrupt the current standings in the world and are a key supporter of revolution. You take all opportunities as soon as they are presented, and you’re not afraid to take a risk when you think you’re likely to obtain something even better out of it.

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You’re pushing boundaries, but you still like to keep one foot in the safe zone. You’re looking to revolutionise, without causing too much disruption. You want to improve what’s already great and make the most out of every opportunity.

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You are a true risk taker, looking to constantly push against the status quo. You’re creative, with endless streams of incomparable ideas and visions for the future. You want to redefine everything you know and protect everyone that is around you while doing so.

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You love to stay connected, and social media really is your thing. You’re constantly looking for new ways to stay in touch with your friends and family, while exploring new opportunities to bring your creativity to life. You enjoy creating a fair playing field for those around you and want to be a key influencer in your network.

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