10 Aug 2018

Bitcoin Dice Mathematics explained

In the world of gambling, the term “house edge” holds a significant meaning behind it. Contrary to the name itself which causes confusion for those who are not a part of this industry, house edge does not mean that the house, or the hosting casino, has an unfair edge over the player by influencing the odds of winning in its favor. […]
10 Aug 2018

Bitcoin Dice Strategies

The mention of Bitcoin Dice brings about a smile to the faces of some individuals while also sending a sense of thrill through the mind of others. Whatever the reaction is, it is almost always a positive one due to the game’s association with fun, transparency and all-around excitement. […]
10 Aug 2018

Bitcoin gambling legality

While gambling is something that is seen as the game of the riches, it is often frowned upon by those who try not to understand the thrill of the game itself and instead go after the negative aspects that human nature derives from this completely neutral mechanism. […]
10 Aug 2018

Bitcoin Dice Affiliate

While promotions are nothing new to the world of online gambling, the notion of them being too convoluted to the point of being unbeneficial to their target market is just as ubiquitous. However, there are still a few online casinos/gambling facilitators that provide promotional offers which are not just far from being a gimmick, but which remain simple enough to understand by even those users who know nothing about the world of online gambling. […]
10 Aug 2018

Why Bitcoin is the future of gambling

Online gambling has been around ever since the rise of the internet almost two decades ago. When the world saw the digital iteration of cards on Microsoft Windows’ basic graphics, it seemed that many of them also identified an opportunity to digitize gambling, one of the oldest forms of recreation known to mankind. […]
29 Mar 2018

How To Back Up A Bitcoin Wallet

When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, it was with security and safety in mind, and the wallets they are stored in today have certainly followed the same path. However, while most wallets are entirely secure in and of themselves, you can never be too safe when it comes to storing and spending your coins. Creating a […]
16 Mar 2018

Tips For Martingale Betting

With a huge number of betting systems to discover when playing all of the games here at BetKing, finding out the one that works best for you is important. One of the world’s most popular strategies in use in games such as roulette, blackjack, dice games, and baccarat is the Martingale betting system. In order […]
7 Jan 2018

New betting tokens and altcoins supported

You can now play on BetKing using a wide range of tokens and altcoins. On top of our existing options (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and BKB), we have added several new tokens for you including some of the most known and popular available. Betting with your tokens is quick and easy, in most cases transactions will […]