Bitcoin Dice Strategies

The mention of Bitcoin Dice brings about a smile to the faces of some individuals while also sending a sense of thrill through the mind of others.

Whatever the reaction is, it is almost always a positive one due to the game’s association with fun, transparency and all-around excitement.

It is also a wonder to witness this phenomenon because while many online gambling games remain popular amongst their target segments, not all of them see the kind of devotion that these online dice games have established among their user base.

As mentioned above, it is mostly possible due to the clarity and fairness of the game; however, it is also largely due to the practice of experienced players making the most out of their knowledge by the implementation of a few tried and tested mechanisms and suggestions.

Therefore, if you have just started delving into this exciting segment, then learning about these tips would go a long way. On the other hand, even if you are an experienced player, then refreshing your mind with these techniques would only prove to be beneficial.

Having your ease in mind, we have put together a short list of some of the most popular tips that are implemented by players dice games – so let’s go ahead and discuss them without further ado.

Find a Site That You Can Trust

First of all, any dice game that you are playing should be on a reputable site that provides provably fair games.

Provably fair translates to the fact of a dice game remaining impartial to the facilitator, to the point where they would never be able to influence or even know about the generated number before it is revealed in the game. While many sites claim to be provably fair these days, only a handful of them can actually prove their claim.

BetKing is one such site that does not only claim to be provably fair but also allows its users to verify that fact through third-party tests. By playing dice on our site, BetKing, you can make sure that you do not throw your money down the drain and can actually play against the online casino with all the confidence in the world to win.

Bitcoin Dice Game

Make Use of the Different Payout and Chance to Win Options

On most sites such as ours, BetKing, you can avail the option of adjusting your potential payout by entering a chance to win percentage. The higher chance of winning you select, the lower a payout you will get in case of a win.

Some users like placing small bets where they can win albeit a small amount on each round, whereas others do it big and place bets with a lesser chance to win, but with the possibility of them earning a higher payout in case they do strike the proverbial gold.

There is no right and wrong approach to this since it is all based upon personal preference. Try playing around with the different adjustment meters a bit before you find something that makes you comfortable in playing the game without a second thought.

Try Automatic Betting Features

BetKing also offers our users the chance to play automatic bets, an option which comes in handy for the players that are mentioned above, who like placing bets in smaller amounts but do not want to have to make redundant clicks.

Here, you can make use of selecting the number of rolls you want to make as well as stopping in case your balance goes up or below a certain amount so that you do not keep playing after your win for a day (if that’s your thing).

Try Different Betting Techniques

The automatic feature is also useful for those who play with the implementation of age-old techniques, which make dice games all the more fun.

You can try playing with the Martingale strategy, in which players place their bets on a 50% chance of a win by starting on the lowest bet that is available. If they lose the round, then Martingale requires them to bet again with double the amount.

If they win, then the counter resets, but if they lose in the second try as well, then they double the amount once more.

For instance, if you started with 0.01 Bitcoin, then after a loss, the bet will be 0.02. After another loss, it will be 0.04, then 0.08, and so on until you win and you get to reset the counter.

This creates a very interesting game and also provides a good chance of winning to our users.

All These Tips Can Be Implemented Over BetKing

Since BetKing remains a very friendly platform for dice games, all of these helpful tips can be implemented on the iteration of our dice game.

What’s best is that the dice game at BetKing is not just limited to Bitcoin, but can also be through Ethereum, Litecoin and our own native token, the BetKing Bankroll Token.