Bitcoin Dice 101 - BetKing Gambling Guide

One of the most popular uses for Bitcoin comes from online gambling platforms and specifically through online dice games. These games use Bitcoin as a primary method of value transfer while providing random number generation games, where users can bet on the outcomes and get a chance to try their luck on winning the game.

In their simplest form, Bitcoin dice games do not visually represent an actual dice roll from real life. Instead they provide users with a random generation of numbers through a digital interface, where additional features are added to it to enhance the gameplay and provide users with an immersive experience.

We have been in operation since 2013 and have built an extremely trusted presence in the Bitcoin gambling space and amongst dice sites. Offering a safe, reliable and trustworthy platform for playing. Another big draw card to us is our very low house edge of 1% as well as our high Bitcoin betting limits.

How to play Bitcoin Dice

The simplicity of our dice game is a testament to it’s popularity. The interface is easy to navigate and all key information is displayed including the bet amount, chance, potential profit and payout amount. Let’s take a closer look at how our dice game works with examples.

Bitcoin Dice Game

For the first example I chose my bet amount of 1 BTC and chose a 50% chance to win, which then allows me to make a selection based on this outcome. There are two options to choose from:
Option 1- The roll will be higher than 50 (Hi)
Option 2 – The roll will be lower than 49.99 (Lo)
If I were to select Lo and 30 was the dice roll then I win. For the Hi option to pay out the dice roll would need to be above 50.

Similarly, there is the option to adjust the chance and the odds of winning. For example, changing to a very low win percentage affects the odds to win significantly and thus the payout if it does win. By selecting a 10% chance of winning my two options are now:
Option 1 – The roll will be higher than 89.99 (Hi)
Option 2 – The roll will be lower than 10 (Lo)
If I were to select Lo then the odds of this occurring are slim but the payout is much larger as a result.

BTC Dice

These are two examples of how our Bitcoin dice game works. If you are still curious have a play around with the numbers to find your perfect dice strategy – you can do this without being logged in, you just can’t place a bet and roll.

Provably Fair Dice Game

Our dice game is Provably Fair, which means that the player can verify each bet result to make sure the casino is not cheating by altering the outcome of the bet to make the player lose. This is done using cryptography.

Our Other Dice Game Features

Auto Bets
In addition to being provably fair, we also provide users with the chance to set their bets on an Auto mode in case they are playing with a specific amount of funds that they want to utilize within the game. In this mode, players can set the system to place automatic bets on their behalf eliminating the need to click the interface every few moments.

Social Interaction and Tips Features
We also created a chat section allowing players to interact with other users of the platform in a real-time manner, which adds to the overall sense of playing the game with likeminded people. There is also the ability to “tip” other players with their account balance, which enhances the sense of community participation within the game.

Affiliate Program
In addition, we also offer players to earn Bitcoin through our affiliate program, by referring other users. This is a great incentive for any current users to invite friends or other interested parties to the platform allowing them to earn extra Bitcoin.

Registering an Account
If you are ready to start rolling the dice then setting up and account with us is very straightforward. All you’ll need to do is register with a username and password to create your account. Once your account is registered you can avail security features such as IP whitelisting and two-factor authorization (2FA) for added account protection.

We also accept other cryptocurrencies including our own native token – BetKing Bankroll Token. If you prefer to use other currencies, we accept the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • BetKing Bankroll Tokens


Between being traded at cryptocurrency exchanges to being the focal point of futures contracts, Bitcoin has established itself as a cryptocurrency with a wide variety of use cases, with the aforementioned segments just being two of them. So far, Bitcoin has allowed users to complete a range of transactions from fast food purchases, to software but one of the most popular uses is through online gambling. In particular, the ever popular dice game. We pride ourselves on the ease of use and simplicity of our provably fair dice game which keeps users returning time and time again. While our dice game remains one of our most treasured qualities, we also offer blackjack and roulette as well as a sportsbook.

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