BetKing Dice Automatic Betting Bots Explained

With artificial intelligence (AI) and automation coming forth in various walks of life, it is no surprise that they are now slowly making their way into online gambling as well.

Similar to trading bots that perform preset actions according to a certain timeframe, these “betting bots” that are made especially for online gambling sites carry out bets and place wagers on the behalf of the player, according to their preferences and budgetary constraints.

Some players enjoy the feeling of putting a certain amount aside for a single playing session no matter how individual rounds with it could turn out to be, which often results in the process of placing repeated micro bets on gambling platforms. This is also sometimes caused by the intention to follow certain strategies that require players to place repeated bets in each session.

No matter the cause, the execution itself seems to be a daunting experience for them, as no one really wants to keep clicking that mouse repeatedly as it actually goes against the whole notion of deriving enjoyment out of the act of indulging in online gambling.

Considering this approach and our own motto of providing a fun experience to our players, we at BetKing provide you with the option to not just use a built-in betting bot, but customize it to the hilt in order to get the most out of your betting experience.

How Does the Betting Bot Work on

The betting bot works with our dice game on the platform, where it is accessible through selecting the “Auto” option at the interactive interface of the game.

Automatic Betting Bots

Once the option is selected, the interface quickly changes into a panel with automatic betting options, allowing players to access our betting bot.


As shown above, the betting bot allows players to set a base bet amount and number of rolls in the first section of the panel.

It also allows them a choice between selecting the chance to win percentage or their desired payout, with the other field being adjusted automatically.

For instance, if a player wants to go by the perception of their chance to win percentage, then they can enter whatever percentage they deem fit for their rolls. The payout increases for a lesser chance to win percentage, and decreases when a higher chance to win percentage is entered.

Similarly, if a higher payout is entered against the base bet amount, then the panel would automatically adjust the chance to win percentage to be lower. On the other hand, if a lower payout is selected by the player, then the betting bot would increase the chance to win percentage accordingly.

The next section pertains to selecting a “Hi” or “Lo” amount, which is self-explanatory and also elaborated on the buttons themselves. If the player thinks that the generated dice roll is going to be higher than what is shown on the panel according to their chance to win percentage and payout, then they can select the “Hi” option. Whereas, if they think that the dice roll would be lower than the shown number, then they select the “Lo” option.

The betting bot also allows players to stop the betting according to what is left of their amount. Here, it gives players the option to enter two thresholds for their amount. They can select an amount to tell the betting bot that if their remaining balance falls below that number, then the betting is to be stopped. Similarly, they can enter an amount to denote that if their funds get higher than that, then the betting is to be off.

In addition to these nifty features, BetKing lets our players indulge into some popular betting strategies such as Martingale, by providing players with the option to increase their bet after every roll by a certain amount if they experience a loss or a win. Through these methods, advanced players can indulge in tried and tested – and fun – betting strategies without having to tap on their mouse pad again and again.

Why Offer a Betting Bot At All?

The whole concept of offering this service to our users is to enhance their gameplay experience so that they do not have to go through redundant procedures and feel bored out of their wits as a result. Instead, they will have the option to let their bets roll while they socialize with other players through the chat interface and let the system do all of their work for them.

Using a betting bot does not mean that it is going to do something fishy for the player, as it still remains and will always be maintained as a provably fair system. All generated rolls are randomized and verifiable for any player to check at any given point in time.

As long as players take care of all the fields and have a clear idea of what their actions on the interface would translate to in terms of their funds and the subsequent effects on them, then they can rest assured that they will remain free and out of the way of any nasty surprises.

Since betting bots are for advanced players, we encourage our new users to have some fun with the manual interface first in order to make themselves acquainted with the website and how the betting works on the platform. Then, once they start feeling at home – trust us, it doesn’t take long – they can go ahead and dabble in utilizing this highly efficient betting bot.

As always, if you have any questions or need to clarify anything about the betting bot or its operations, then please feel free to visit our Support page and we will be there right away to answer any inquiries that you might have.

Our goal here is to offer our users a safe yet fun environment where they can release all their worries for the day and also be able to socialize with like-minded people in order to make our BetKing platform a truly unified community that provides an experience like no other.

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