BetKing has partnered with Bitsler to refund player balances

In November 2019 BetKing closed after a hack that saw player and investor funds lost.

Bitsler has agreed to work together and refund all players who still had a balance on BetKing when we closed, up to $200.

In total Bitsler will refund over $18,000 to 250 players!

This is a no strings attached deal and they do not require users to deposit or wager to withdraw the refunded amount.

To claim your refund you must do the following:

  • Signup to Bitsler with this link
  • Email your Bitsler username to [email protected]
  • We will confirm your account with Bitsler
  • We will credit your Bitsler balance with the refund amount within 48 hours


  • Only available to BetKing accounts who had a BTC, ETH, LTC or EOS balance on the site when we closed.
  • The maximum refund amount is $200.
  • Bitsler will not be buying BKB or BKT and will not credit any amount for these balances.
  • We will email all accounts that had a balance that are eligible for refund or contact them on Telegram.
  • This offer ends on June 1st 2020. Any balances below $200 not claimed by then will be forfeit and used to refund larger balances.

For accounts that had over $200 on BetKing Bitsler may be willing to refund more than $200 depending on your case.

If you had tokens on the old BetKing website and have not been contacted email [email protected] for help.