2015 Year in Review


2015 saw BetKing become the most trusted and most popular crowdfunded Bitcoin gambling site. We added new games, re-branded from Pocket Rockets Casino and had the biggest bet placed in the Bitcoin gambling industry! Players successfully cashed out over ฿35,000 (over $15 million at today's price), wagered more than any other Bitcoin site and took part in some unique promos.

Here is a list of the most interesting stats of 2015:

Biggest Win

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On the 19th of July a player with the alias "nameless" won 200 Bitcoin ($87,800) after placing a bet of 433.9฿ at 67.8% chance to win on our dice game.

Luckiest Big Win

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In October a player named Valermos placed a bet of 0.256฿ on dice with a multiplier of 350x, a chance of just 0.2828%, that hit netting a profit of 89.362 Bitcoin!

Biggest Bet

On June the 19th we saw the biggest bet of the year in the Bitcoin gambling industry when a player named starbuck wagered 1303.16713 Bitcoin ($317,386 at the time of bet) in a single dice roll. He had set his chance of winning as 91.403% to profit 108.3฿ and unfortunately lost. The total bet was all profit from a massive run over the previous few days, spinning around 300 up to over 1600 Bitcoin over multiple accounts. After the bet he posted "oh well" in the chat.

Winnings paid

Over the whole year BetKing has paid out players winnings of 35,000 Bitcoin. Over $15 million dollars.

Most popular Bitcoin gambling site

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BetKing was the most popular Bitcoin gambling site with a crowdfunded bankroll of 2015. Players wagered over 150,000 Bitcoin 250 million bets were made over the whole year. 2,500 players made a total of 11,000 deposits. These stats can be verified on DiceSites.com

Most trusted Bitcoin gambling site

BetKing has a crowdfunded bankroll that players bet against. At it's peak the bankroll had almost 5000 Bitcoin invested and today has almost 3000 Bitcoin. This allows the highest betting limits in the industry where players can win 265 Bitcoin in a single bet ($116,335). Investors saw a total profit 2900 Bitcoin in 2015.


BetKing paid out over 100 Bitcoin in promos and bonuses. At the start of the new year to mark the launch of a new version of the site we run a promo where we gave away an xBox 360, a Samsung Galaxy tab and console games. In April to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary we done a unique raffle promotion across dice, roulette and blackjack and gave away a PS4 with GTA 5, an HD TV and an nVidia Shield gaming tablet.


Throughout 2015 we tried ideas and games that were not popular and learned many lessons from mistakes in marketing or business decisions. We worked with a very small budget compared to traditional FIAT casinos.

Even with constraints BetKing has flourished and grown into one of the industries leading Bitcoin casinos by proving to be trustworthy, loyal to customers and offering great customer support.

In 2016 we will take our past experience and continue to improve BetKing. We will be adding new casino games, sports, bringing back online poker as well as offering our own software and casino hosting service where you can setup your own casino and let us handle the complicated parts.

Finally, what every player wants to hear, we will have even more and better promos next year!

Thanks to all players and investors for their loyalty and support. We look forward to an even better 2016 and hope you join us for the ride.